First and foremost, training is about results. There are few things more frustrating than putting in hour after hour at the gym and not seeing any improvement. At one point or another, the individuals you’ll read about below all experienced that feeling.

And then they decided to do something about it.

A Vigor trainer helped each of them improve their fitness, get stronger, and become more confident with their bodies. Why shouldn’t you be next?

Testimonial Results

Testimonial Results

Patrick R.

  • Age: 21
  • Goal: Increase muscle size; Lose body fat
  • After 2 months, gained .75 inches  of muscle around his biceps and lost 1 inch off his waist
Every day, no matter the workout, my shirt is soaking wet and I leave the gym feeling incredibly accomplished…the best part is I’m only there for an hour or less, so it’s easy to go to the gym knowing it won’t be that long.Patrick R, 21
Since I started working out with Vigor, my body feels stronger and leaner…I’m able to fit into my clothes from high school again, which I hadn’t been able to do since I started college!Angelica A, 20
Testimonial Results

Angelica A.

  • Age: 20
  • Goal: Lose body fat; Increase strength
  • After 2 months, lost 2 inches off her thighs and 1.25 inches off her waist
Testimonial Results

Jamie F.

  • Age: 22
  • Goal: Lose body fat; Increase muscle size
  • Results after two months
After spending a ton of time in the gym with disappointing results, I lacked the motivation to exercise. Vigor helped me counter this obstacle by making my workouts both shorter and more effective. My motivation and confidence only increased when I soon started getting compliments from others.Jamie F, 22
I love how Vigor creates custom workouts for every body type and goal…with only one month of training, I’ve gained so much strength…I’m so thankful to have found such an amazing trainer, who I can also call my friend.Georgie A, 21
Testimonial Results

Georgie A.

  • Age: 21
  • Goal: Increase endurance; Increase strength
  • Results after one and a half months
I have experienced other people in the gym asking me what workout plan I’m on because of the exercises performed and hard work shown in the gym, and I have Vigor to thank for the admiration.Andrew M, 23
By being reassessed monthly through Vigor, I’ve been able to surpass plateaus in the gym that I’d previously thought were insurmountable. Vigor makes me excited to see what I can achieve next.Angelo E, 19
I’ve been going to the gym on and off for four years and never saw much improvement in muscle size. Thanks to my Vigor plan I’m seeing results much quicker than expected, and it’s actually making me excited to work out.Brett H, 25

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