Vigor wants to make a difference.

In the same year that the idea for Vigor was conceived, one out of every three deaths in the United States was caused by cardiovascular disease. That’s more than 800,000 people per year. What’s more, 200,000 of these deaths were deemed “preventable,” had the victims only developed better routines of exercising and eating right.

Team Vigor is committed to doing our part to lower this number of preventable deaths by providing effective and affordable fitness regimens to all who need them. As a current student in the University of Southern California’s Physical Therapy Program, founding member and personal trainer Patrick Magno has a deep understanding of heart disease through his work in a cardiovascular immunology research laboratory at CSU Long Beach, where he was published as a 2nd author in a peer reviewed journal.

Pat and the rest of Team Vigor believe that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, and our workouts are built to help you achieve just that.

Vigor is a community.

The Elby Foundation is a non profit organization currently being created by our team. The mission for the Elby Foundation is to provide free preventative care, physical therapy, and exercise information to those who do not have the means to do so for themselves; for financial, physical, or medical reasons.

We will do so through fundraising, volunteering, and providing our services here at Vigor Workouts for free when possible.

FREE Workout Giveaway!

Vigor gives away 1 free 30 day custom workout per month to a deserving individual. To be eligible to receive the free workout, tell us in a post on our Facebook page (or in an email to why you want a workout from Vigor and how it could help you achieve your goals. Keep your post around two paragraphs, and make sure to preface it with “FREE WORKOUT ENTRY:” so we know to enter you in the contest. We’ll post the winners on our Facebook page each month.