What happened to the gains? 4 reasons why you are plateauing

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By Patrick Magno, CPT, BS, SPT Everything was perfect. You were getting stronger every week, adding more weight to the bench press and hitting new milestones. Your arms started getting bigger, your chest started popping out, and slowly you started to gain confidence. But then something happened. One day you stopped increasing your weight. For some reason last week’s weight ... Read More

Interval Training: Boxing Style!

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Interval Training: Boxing Style!People wonder how athletes prepare for combative sports versus how one would train for other sports. Different fighters gravitate towards different methods of preparation. One thing that is universal is conditioning. For example, Rocky Marciano was known for running 12 miles every day and 15 miles daily the week of a fight. Which make sense as today ... Read More

Sugar: 5 Common Myths

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  There are always new trends surrounding health and fitness. Unfortunately for the average consumer many of these trends come from misinformation, propaganda, or just plain ignorance. It seems as though all the information out there is sugar coated; pun most definitely intended. Do you know the truth about sugar? Luckily for you, Ryan Larkin and Business Insider made a … Read More

Plateau – Getting off the Plateau

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Plateau, Jordan Tsai, Personal Trainer

Everyone who lifts weights regularly will eventually hit the dreaded “plateau”. You will inevitably come across that magical weight limit that seems insurmountable no matter how loud your music is playing or how loud you scream during the attempt.

Losing those last 5 pounds of body fat

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It’s here! The spring season has arrived and summer is just 3 months away. You, like many others, had one goal in mind when the New Year started: A Summer Body! You made a diet and workout plan, and everything turned out well. You lost body fat and now your abs show and you don’t even mind being seen shirtless. ... Read More

How Weight Lifting Can Help Strengthen Bone Density

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Bone Density

Weight lifting is typically used to combat the effects of Osteoporosis; progressive health concern as we age and bones begin to lose mass and become increasingly susceptible to breakage. Often times this can lead to fractures in areas such as the hip, spine, or wrist. More often these injuries lead to people having to be admitted to nursing homes or hospitalization.

There are many steps we can take in order to maintain healthy bone density:

One Who Over-trains, Loses Their Gains

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There is a misconception that the more you workout and the longer the duration of the workout, the more gains you will see. Doesn’t it make sense that the more you work out, the more muscle you will build? While this is true, it is only true to an extent.