Personal trainers are too expensive.

Personal trainers can be a great tool to help you achieve your fitness goals. They can…

    1. Assess your physical fitness
    2. Write you a workout plan
    3. Show you correct technique, and
    4. Motivate you to keep coming back.

Although valuable, these services run upwards of $45 an hour at most public gyms, so you can expect to pay out hundreds of dollars over a several-month training regimen.

But where does the real value in a trainer lie? Once they get past the initial phase of assessing your fitness and building you a custom workout plan, your gym trainer essentially becomes an expensive spotter.

What’s the bottom line?

Personal trainers in gyms are overpriced.

Vigor provides affordable personal training that can get you the SAME results, at a fraction of the cost. Our National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified trainers can…

    1. Walk you through our hassle-free online fitness assessment
    2. Write you a tailor-made workout plan to address your goals and weak points
    3. Provide you with access to our vast online Exercise Library, which contains pictures and detailed descriptions of every exercise we might include in your workout, and
    4. Offer you fast and free professional support 7 days a week.

Vigor removes all the guesswork from working out, giving you the blueprint to reach your goals quickly and efficiently, while avoiding injury. Complete your free online assessment today and take the first step towards being in the best shape of your life!